pro rata

pro rata
in proportion. Glossary of Business Terms
Shared or divided according to a ratio or in proportion to participation. Bloomberg Financial Dictionary

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pro rata pro ra‧ta [prəʊ ˈrɑːtə ǁ proʊ ˈreɪtə] adjective [only before a noun]
a pro rata payment or share in something is calculated according to exactly how much of something is used, how much work is done etc:

• The residents here pay more than their pro rata share of taxes.

• Fees for longer or shorter courses are calculated on a pro rata basis.

— pro rata adverb :

• The company directors are required to allot the shares to existing shareholders pro rata to the number of shares owned.

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pro rata UK US (also pro-rata) /ˌprəʊˈrɑːtə/ US  /ˌproʊˈreɪtə/ adjective FORMAL
relating to a calculation of something such as pay or benefits according to a smaller number of hours worked, a smaller amount of something used, etc. in relation to the hours worked in a full time job, a larger amount of something used, etc.: »

Part-timers should also get the same benefits as full-timers but on a pro-rata basis.

a pro rata refund/increase/share »

They may get a pro rata refund for the holiday they lost out on.

pro rata adverb

She earns $40,000 a year pro rata.

Financial and business terms. 2012.

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